Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mountainfreak Review-

Bigg Daddy's in Helen

Wormsloew made their way up to the north Georgia mountains on June 14 and it was a show I had been anticipating. I have a couple of friends who have followed low country local music for years who had told me that if Wormsloew made it up our way they were a must see, up and coming young band.
I was not disappointed. I was especially impressed with their original tunes. "Nothing to Hide" in particular is a song that really shows off the band's talent. It is difficult to insert this Savannah-based group into a particular niche-the music is definitely southern rock oriented but a lot more melodic and lyric/acoustic based than your basic 70's southern rock clone bands that seem to play all over the south.
This is not to say that these guys cannot reach back into basic blues oriented southern rock..they do a kick ass version of the Gregg Allman/Allman Brothers classic, "Midnight Rider" as evidence.
Wormlsoew's lineup consists of Andrew Gill, who does most of the lead vocals and adds some nice guitar work..Joseph Wilson on drums/vocals..Steve Gerard does a nice job with the lead guitar and Chadrick Norris handles the low end on bass.
The crowd at Bigg Daddy's was smaller than I would have hoped for but enthusiastic. Let's get out and support these guys when they make it back to the mountains-they are a refreshing departure and a band with a great future. Learn more about Wormsloew and check out some of their tunes on their MySpace page-

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