Sunday, March 1, 2009

Folk Pottery Museum of North Georgia

Georgia, and particularly the mountain area of northeast Georgia, has a rich history of potters and folk pottery. The works of Lanier Meaders (1917-1998) have been displayed in the Smithsonian Museum and the Meaders family is still producing pottery today. At Mossy Creek near Cleveland, the Dorsey and Craven families started producing functional pottery before 1850, the Meaders family built their pottery in 1893. They are just a few of the well known families who have created both utilitarian and folk art pottery in the area.
I visited the Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia just after their second anniversary early last fall. The museum is on the grounds of and is the newest attraction at the Sautee Nacoochee Center located about 10 minutes from Helen, Georgia. I was expecting to see the works of the families mentioned above and others, and I did. I did not expect to see a 600 year old bowl (photo below) excavated from the Nacoochee Indian Mound just down the road.
The museum is very well laid out with an amazing variety of pottery and artifacts. The staff is helpful and knowledgable. I have had an interest in southern pottery for a few years, but I believe just about anyone with any level of interest could wander around here in awe like I did. If you are interested in exploring the museum, check out the link to their website for more information: Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia

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Richard Hyatt said...

Sounds like fun. I go to down that way quite often. I will have to check out the museum.