Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wonderful South Carolina Waterfalls

Because of the relatively small area of mountainous terrain in northwestern South Carolina, our mountains are usually not mentioned in the same breath as the Blue Ridge in North Carolina and Georgia. South Carolina does have an abundance of beautiful waterfalls within that small area, primarily due to the location of the Blue Ridge Escarpment where the elevation abruptly drops 2000' from the Blue Ridge to the upper Carolina Piedmont.
The King (or Queen if you wish) of Carolina waterfalls is the result of Matthews Creek tumbling over 400' down the escarpment to form Raven Cliff Falls. This stunning waterfall lies within Caesars Head State Park and requires a difficult four and a half mile hike to view. As seen in the photo above-it is well worth the effort. This is a rugged area and the hike to view the falls is not recommended for the very young or those not in excellent physical condition. A series of trails can also form a seven mile hike that will take you to a suspension bridge near the top of the falls. Hikers are advised to do their research and bring a companion or companions.
Closer to Georgia and much more accessible, Spoonauger Falls is located near the Chattooga River bridge on Burrell's Ford Rd., not far from Clayton, Georgia but on the South Carolina side of the river.

The parking area and trailhead are just past the Burrells Ford campground parking area. After walking northwest along the Chattooga for a couple hundred yards and crossing two small creeks, look for a sign on the right leading to the falls. Spoon Auger Creek will serenade you with numerous cascades along the hike the switchbacks up to the main falls.
Don't forget about South Carolina when looking for beautiful places in the mountains, you might be surprised..and we would love to have you visit.

Delores McKenzie- Spartanburg, SC

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