Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"The Pool Room" what the locals call it. The combination cafe/pool room/Nascar shrine/local gathering spot known offically as the Dawsonville Pool Room is situated just off the square on East First St. in downtown Dawsonville.

"The Pool Room" gained wide notoriety during the glory years of local Nascar legend Bill Elliott, when owner Gordon Pirkle would sound the loud "si-reen" mounted outside to celebrate an Elliott victory. The famous "Bully Burger", named after a long time and now deceased Pool Room employee, became part of a required stop for visitors to this mountain gateway town.
The Pool Room is literally wallpapered with news clippings covering the entire span of Elliott's career, along with car parts from his race cars and assorted racing memorabilia going back to the days of moonshine running that was once common in the area-and turned out to be the training ground for early stock car racers.

I stopped at the Pool Hall for lunch during a recent visit to downtown Dawsonville. It had been a few years since I had last visited, but other than a little expansion and updating it looked much the same as I remembered.
I ordered the house specialty-Bully Burger with fresh cut fries. The combo is still a great bargain at $4.75. The Bully Burger is a little lettuce or tomatoes..but rather cole slaw, onions and pickles adorn the hand made patty. You can get lettuce, tomato or chili on request for no extra charge.
It isn't the best burger for miles around, although better than most ..and the fries could have been a little warmer, but the price and the atmosphere along with the friendly service left me satisfied with my stop. The menu goes well beyond just the Bully Burger. No breakfast is served (hours are 10 am to 10 pm, till 11pm on Fri. and Sat.) but lunch and dinner is well taken care of. You can get a ribeye steak or fried shrimp if you desire..a selection of salads are offered..and appetizers/sides range from fried pickles and green tomatoes to onion rings or a baked potato and more.
Everyone should visit this landmark at least once when in the area, most folks will probably return for seconds.

The Dawsonville Pool Room

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