Thursday, November 27, 2008

Loco's in Gainesville

Last month we started including Gainesville, Georgia into our coverage area for Gainesville is a gateway to the north Georgia mountains and also a dining and entertainment destination for folks living and playing in the mountain area.
My original attraction to Loco's Bar and Grill in Gainesville was as a live music venue, and it still is-the roomy setup is great for musicians and has excellent acoustics. I've travelled to Loco's twice in the last couple of months to see bands and have been very pleased with the music, hospitality, and the food.
I've always felt that when dining in a bar, it's a good idea not to get over-adventurous. There are exceptions to this, and once you become familiar with an establishment it is pretty easy to tell what they do well. My experience with the Loco's chain over the years is that they do the basics very well and that is the ground I continue to tread. The basics at Loco's are burgers and wings, and the Gainesville location does a great job with both.
I generally arrive hungry and order the 6 piece hot wing plate for a starter. The wings are large and freshly cooked, and the heat is not overwhelming. Very tasty. Rumor has it that if you are at Loco's to watch college or NFL football. you get 6 wings with every pitcher of beer you order...but I haven't been for a game yet. My only complaint is the little pre-fab, sealed container of bleu cheese dressing that comes with your wings. The dressing is very average and is more of what you would expect from a fast food joint.
Loco's prepares a fine hamburger ..I have had the Redneck Burger and the Bleu Cheese burger on my last two visits to Gainesville. A big half pound (at least) patty cooked perfectly to order (medium in my case) on a fresh roll with a pickle slice and excellent fries. Not a bad deal for around $8. Definitely one of the better bar food burgers around.
The service at the Gainesville Loco's is friendly and efficient. On both recent trips the manager came by the table to check on things and welcome us..little things like that reflect well on both the staff and the franchise.
Locos's is a little hidden in an older shopping mall next to a Food Lion, but it is only minutes from both downtown Gainesville and I-985 off Jesse Jewell Parkway. Great way to finish off a day trip to the mountains or head over for a nice evening of live local music.

601 S. Enota Dr. NE
Gainesville, GA 30501

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