Thursday, November 27, 2008

Avery Dylan Project at Loco's in Gainesville

I've now seen the Avery Dylan Project three times this year and they are really coming into their own. Together now for almost a year, the trio is now making it look almost effortless as they run through a mix of some excellent original tunes and blues/rock classics. It was only a matter of time..bassist Clint Swords and drummer Mike Strickland have been playing together for a while, and Avery Dylan is a seasoned and very talented guitarist.
The version of "Little Wing" that these guys played at Loco's was the best live rendition I've heard-and I've probably heard that song played live 20-30 times. Their original tunes are getting more refined and they do a good job of blending them in with the covers.

I spoke with Avery between sets and he is excited about the future of the band-playing some larger gigs from time to time in addition to seeking out the smaller clubs he has a good feel for. These guys stay pretty busy, and you can catch them in the mountains again on November 15 at Bigg Daddy's in Helen...and back at Loco's in Gainesville on November 22.

Check out some of ADP's tunes on their MySpace page:

Avery Dylan Project/MySpace

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