Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fred's Famous Peanuts

If you have taken the Clayton Rd. (Hwy.356) from Helen to Unicoi State Park, Lake Burton, etc., you have passed Fred's Famous Peanuts. Many of you have probably stopped for their boiled peanuts or roasted peanuts like I have on numerous occasions. If my son goes to the mountains with me you could track our movements by following the discarded peanut shells (they are organic, right?). I was lucky enough to run across the owners of Fred's Famous Peanuts at the 1st Annual Horsin' Around BBQ Showdown where they had a vendor's tent set up.
Fred & Diane Jenkins sell peanuts just about any way you can eat them..and I had never tried deep fried peanuts until they offered me a sample. That's all it took. I was on my way with a bag for the ride home and decided deep fried peanuts were worth telling y'all about! They are fried with the skins (not shells) on and then perfectly seasoned-with just a little bit of heat. Next time you are up around Helen, or if you run across Fred & Diane at a festival, give their peanuts a try. At their Helen store they also sell fresh pork rinds, honey, jams & jellies and even t-shirts. The store is located at 17 Clayton Rd.(Hwy 356) not far from the junction with Hwy. 75. Stop by and tell them sent ya!

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Anonymous said...

thanks just fred and diane used to own this but now wayne and beth own it and fred is their uncle. they have the best peanuts be sure to stop their on your way to unicoi