Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Avery Dylan Project

One of the more impressive acts we were able to catch at Eco-Music-Fest 2008 was the Avery Dylan Project from Athens, GA. Joined by bassist Clint Swords and drummer Mike Strickland, Avery Dylan, as one of the fellows in the crowd told me "isn't Stevie Ray Vaughan-nobody is...but he's as close as you are going to find playing around here on a regular basis". Dylan has a style of his own but you can definitely see the SRV/Blues influence in his playing.
The ADP mixed some nice original songs in with some covers of blues legends like Albert Collins during their set at the Eco-Fest. The most telling indicator of the band's quality was the number of other musicians at the show who stopped what they were doing to come over and watch them play.
The ADP has dates in Florida, Macon, Athens and metro Atlanta coming up in June. Let's hope we can get them back up in the mountains real soon. For more info about the band, show dates and a sample of their tunes, check out their MySpace page.


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