Friday, May 30, 2008

Mountainfreak Music Review-John Sosebee

Mountainfreak Review:

John Sosebee

John Sosebee says that he first heard Jimi Hendrix at age 14 and decided then he wanted to play the guitar for a living. John has reached back into the roots of Hendrix and countless others to the native American blues of Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson in his one man show I recently took in at Wylie's in Dahlonega.
Armed with 3 guitars, a foot drum and a tambourine, the Jasper, Georgia native puts on a good show of delta based blues. He combines excellent finger picking and slide work with a voice made for singing the blues. This isn't "blues fusion" or some modern take on old standards, this is American music at it's very core.
Sosebee is also a member of the band Dripping Theater, where he says he does venture out into other musical areas. Check out John's MySpace page for more background, history, songs and information-and keep checking with Mountainfreak Music for upcoming dates so you can get out to see John either solo or with his band.


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