Friday, May 30, 2008

Fast Food Decadence in Dawsonville

We haven't reviewed a chain restaurant for up till this point, but not many fast food restaurants make the Zagat Survey while being located right on one of the major thoroughfares we use to get up into the North Georgia Mountains. Five Guys is a no frills, cook to order hamburger joint that gives you a little bit more of everything you order-almost to the point of being decadent.
First of all, the regular burger comes with two fresh grilled patties of fresh (never frozen) ground beef with an amazing number of add-ons at no extra charge. The fries, also fresh cut and never frozen. A regular order was more than I could eat on a recent visit. A large styrofoam cup is loaded with hot fries and then they throw a large handful in the bag along with your order for good measure. A large order might feed 3-4 folks. You can order your fries "Five Guys" style or cajun style. Kosher Hot Dogs and sandwiches are available on the menu-but make no mistake, this is a burger joint with the emphasis on making a good hamburger. I admit to having a little sticker shock the first time I ate at Five Guys. A burger, fries and regular drink will run you about 9 bucks. Everything is relative, however. When compared to pre-frozen then microwaved/heat lamped burgers and frozen fries that will run you close to $6 at other burger chains, Five Guys is a value.
The Dawsonville Five Guys is located in the Dawsonville Commons shopping center right off of GA front of the Walmart and across 400 from the huge gaudy outlet mall Dawsonville has become semi-famous for. Very easy access if you are heading up to the mountains west of Dawsonville or up to Dahlonega and beyond.


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