Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vintage Music-Dahlonega

Vintage Music started out in Dahlonega, Georgia 20 years ago and is known for high-end acoustic guitars. I found a very nice 1962 Gibson J-50 with an asking price of $1700. I thought that was pretty reasonable-the guitar was in very good shape and played great!
The whole shop is tiny. I mean it is smaller than my first apartment..and it has a mini recording studio inside. Ask John to let you hear some of the latest projects from the studio. It's kinda cool to hear new, fresh music from creative people. Granted, these are people are not likely to encounter on the radio, but they are for more interesting than most of what lives on the radio dial.
Musicians, you owe it to yourself to pick your way through this little place. It's loaded with character and a bargain or two. Stroll on over after you visit the Crimson Moon Cafe. The store is located just off the square at 37 South Park St. Just don't touch that J-50!

Rodney B.

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