Sunday, March 23, 2008

The BBQ Place

The BBQ Place is tucked into the end of a small strip mall just north of the square in Dahlonega off Hwy. 19. The menu includes your basic bbq joint fare: Pulled pork, chicken and ribs cooked over hickory in an outside smoker, beans, slaw and stew. (For the full
My first impression as I walked in for a late Saturday lunch was "clean and friendly", which is always a good start. I ordered the pulled pork plate with Brunswick Stew, slaw, and some very tasty iced tea. The pork is offered in sauce or dry, and upon the recommendation of the owner I opted for "in sauce". The small portion of pork was excellent-very tender and smoky, and the sauce was a well balance vinegar based with a good amount of tang but not overpowering. The requisite slice of white bread was nice and fresh....This part of the meal was just fine.
I have had much better Brunswick Stew and cole slaw, these offerings were average at best. I'll admit that I'm pretty picky when it comes to my stew-and The BBQ Place is not far away from having a good stew. Something needs to be done, however, to balance the acidity and "tinny" taste of the canned tomatoes used in the stew-the aftertaste totally negated the seasoning and smokiness of the meat and what I think would otherwise be a nice flavor. The cabbage in the slaw is overprocessed and the seasoning is bland. Visually, the slaw could pass for a helping of greenish grits. A good dose of salt and pepper from the table helped out with the seasoning, but the consistency is that of a hot dog condiment rather than a side dish. I will give the stew another try when I return to The BBQ Place (and I will), but I'll opt for chips or beans instead of the slaw.
My total bill for the pork plate and tea was $8.50..which is about average for a good que joint in north Georgia. I do generally expect larger portions for that price based on my dining at other bbq restaurants.
The BBQ Place has very good, well cooked pork..which is the first priority for a bbq joint, and the service is efficient and friendly. A, a lot of attention to the side dishes would go a long way.


The BBQ Place is located @ 2065 Hwy. 19, Ste. B in Dahlonega
Phone- 706.864.8819

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