Friday, August 29, 2008

Royal Family @ Prospector Hall

I first listened to Royal Family at the Eco-Music-Fest back in June. They put on a good show there so I wasn't at all surprised to witness the same at Prospector Hall last Saturday.
Held down by some of the best drumming I've seen in a local band, their music is mostly raucous and intense-but they can also take the edge off when they want to which is effective at keeping the crowd involved...and they were, at both shows.
Royal Family is advertised as "Garage Rock", but I think they might be a little more evolved from my perception of that term. There is some melody to the madness and they put on a great show. They play regularly all around Atlanta and north Georgia-for more info and a sample of their tunes check out their MySpace page.

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Jacob said...

I'm fairly sure that I was standing on the chair next to you.